12 Women Reveal What They Feel About Having Sex On Their Period


We connected with a few ladies to share their considerations on the same and here are the most intriguing answers –

1) The person who proved unable ‘let it go’ –



I’ve done it once, yet didn’t appreciate it. I wasn’t in the space for it rationally – I didn’t feel hot, and I proved unable “let go” enough to appreciate it. Never say never, I figure, however I’m not liable to rehash it.

2) And the other who has got enough “liquids” to manage –

Kim Kardashian | Image Source: Instagram – @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian | Image Source: Instagram – @kimkardashian

Never done it, and would prefer think I not to either. There’s sufficient organic liquids required in normal sex, not quick to add another to the blend.

3) The person who is going back and forth about it –

I wouldn’t have any desire to have period sex since I feel it’s very unhygienic. Then again, I read some place that it is the most fulfilling sex you will have and that is somewhat of an intriguing thing to know.

4) She ‘can’t wrap her mind around it’ –

Bipasha Basu

Source: Giphy.com

As much as I display my ‘come here’ state of mind with regards to sex, period sex is something I can’t wrap my cerebrum around. The most noticeably bad part is that it’s that time I need to do it the most (in light of the fact that moronic hormones). Be that as it may, no, I should act on the grounds that can’t release the Pandora’s crate, at any rate not yet!

5) #HappyHumping –

Period sex is a no for me. Muddled, rotten – I think I would have an excessive number of issues with it. Wouldn’t have the capacity to focus on the occasion. Yet, full props to everybody who can do it – legend has it that the additional oil and additional affectability down there really makes it CRAZY useful for everyone. Sooo – go red or go home, I presume? #HappyHumping

6) Blood twisting –

Source: giphy

Source: giphy

I am not loath to engaging in sexual relations when I am on my period. I attempted it once, and it was typical recently like whatever other time. Be that as it may, I presumably won’t do it again as seeing blood makes me very wiped out and that is the exact opposite thing I need to be the point at which I am having intercourse. Additionally, my period scarcely endures several days. Not certain about the other party, but rather I can fight the temptation for 2 days!

7) The one whose beau ain’t into it –

Source | Giphy

Source | Giphy

Yes, I would thoroughly do it. Perhaps not in the primary couple of hours of getting my period. Be that as it may, when your hormones are taking off, it’s an unquestionable requirement to tune in to Mother Nature… Sadly, my sweetheart won’t tune in to both of us 🙁

8) You gotta do what you gotta do –

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Yes . Be that as it may, not in the initial two days. I have watched an example , I have a craving for engaging in sexual relations amid my period however simply after the initial two days. Furthermore, I wouldn’t differ that there has been that minute when I was in my period and feel horny in the meantime. Well then you got the chance to do what you got the chance to do 😉

9) The person who can’t manage the ridiculous wreckage (actually) –

Kareena Kapoor

Source: Tumblr,.com

By and by, no. It’s excessively muddled for my enjoying regardless of me needing to do it the most around that time! (Don’t we as a whole?) I don’t think I can manage the outcome, however I’ve heard that sex on your period is awesome!

10) All we require is love –

Arya Stark

Source: Tumblr.com

Just on third day for me. Likewise oddly I feel like period days I require love making something other than fucking when I’m on my period. Perhaps I get passionate in light of the hormones. No thought so preferred to do with mate over some fucker. What’s more, boobs more sore amid period so no gnawing on boobies please.

11) Lahu muh slack gaya? –

Deepika Padukone

Source: Giphy.com

More than me, my beau cherishes it. He gets the chance to do it without a condom now and again (in light of the fact that they’re the “protected” days) and genuinely loves the additional grease the blood gives. He additionally has no issue going down on me amid my period. So I get it really is great.

12) And at long last, the hotshot –

I engage in sexual relations ordinary with or without period.

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