5 Sexy Make Up Looks To Try This New Year’s Eve!


This year I’ve been blessed with an ever-expanding team of awesomely talented people and the latest to join the crew is Viraj Soni, a makeup artist under the guidance of Elton J Fernandez (who everybody knows is the BEST!) So I asked her to create 5 makeup looks for you to try, just in time for New Year’s Eve! Do you have a favourite from the ones she’s done? Leave me a comment below and let me know, now over to you Viraj! xoxo

Look 1: Glitter Eye Makeup

1. The key to flawless base is always prep your skin! So start off with a clean face, apply Mac strobe cream (or any preferred moisturiser) so that your skin is hydrated and the foundation glides on easily.

2. Use a primer, here I’ve used the Makeup Forever step 1 primer – the smoothing one. (Primers make your makeup last longer).

3. I’ve used L’Oréal infallible 24h foundation and applied it using a beauty blender.

4. Use Maybelline fit me concealers to cover any breakouts or scars and even on the centre of your face to highlight your features.

5. Set it all in place using a compact powder, I’ve used the Maybelline fit me powder. You can use any!

6. I’ve then used a Mac bronzer to warm up the skin tone, in the hollows of the cheeks and the outer perimeter of the face.

Glitter Eye Makeup Look

7. Finally onto the eye makeup, I’ve used the tartiest pro palette! But don’t worry if you don’t have this one, you can go ahead and use L’Oréal color riche la palette rose. Blend mauve tones on the crease.

8. Apply glitter glue (Nyx glitter glue is available in India) use a shimmery gold shadow on top of it.

9. To take the glitter look to next level I’ve used the Urban Decay heavy metal glitter in shade midnight cowboy.

10. Add on some blush! I’ve used the Maybelline v face blush contour.

11. Use a muted mauve lip colour, like Mehr by Mac.

12. The final step! Highlight them cheek bones! Because you wanna enter 2017 with a beaming glow on your faces! Product used-  champaign pop by Becca cosmetics
Alternatives : makeup revolution, Mac cosmetics extra dimension highlighters.

Look 2 : The Classic Retro Wing!

The Classic Retro Wing!

1. Mac strobe to moisturise.

2. L’Oréal infallible foundation blended with a sponge!

3. Use Maybelline fit me concealer.

4. Set it all using Maybelline fit me powder.

5. Paint on the red pout! Used the Maybelline lip gradation in shade red 1.

6. Onto the eyes, with this look there’s not much fuss! Probably the easiest! Just add some bronzer to the crease area above the lid and it’s time to draw the wing! Make it as long or as short you want! Use L’Oréal gel liner, with a brush.

The Classic Retro Wing!

7. Use the mac bronzer to give the face some dimension.

8. Add Maybelline v face blush and contour in shade pink. You would want to add a little more than usual, a rosy check with this look will tie it down but don’t go overboard with it.

9. Fill in the eyebrows with Maybelline brow drama palette.

Look 3 : The Coloured Liner

The Coloured Liner Look

1. Mac strobe cream to moisturise.

2. Fit me concealer.

3. Makeup Forever HD foundation.

4. Set it using the fit me compact powder.

5. Use mac face bronzer.

The Coloured Liner Look

6. Use the fit me blush in shade peach.

7. Full in those eyebrows, I’ve used the brow definer by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Alternative: mac brow pencil in shade spice.

8. For the white eyeliner Use the Lakmé iconic in shade white.

9. Use the any dark brown for lips! I’ve used the shade diva by Mac!

Look 4: Blown Out Brown Smokey Eye.

Blown Out Brown Smokey Eye

1. Mac strobe cream to moisturise.

2. Prime the face using makeup forever primer in step 1.

3. For foundation I’ve used L’Oréal infallible.

4. Set it all using a Maybelline fit me powder.

5. Starting off with the eyes… Use a Mac EYE pencil in shade teddy, line your upper and lower lash line.

6. Smudge it out using a bronze shimmery shadow, add a warm matte brown to the crease, blend it all out and finish the look.

Blown Out Brown Smokey Eye

7. Use Maybelline brow palette to fill in the brows.

8. For lips I’ve used Kat Von d liquid lipstick in shade Lolita. Alternative: Chambor extreme wear transfer proof liquid lipstick in shade no. 482.

9. Top it off with a shimmery gold gloss.

10. Add some blush with Maybelline v face blush and contour.

11. Add on some highlighter to the top of your cheek bones. Product used: Becca cosmetics champagne pop!

Look 5: The Goth Look With a 90s Grunge Vibe.

The Goth Look With 90s Grunge Vibe

1. Mac strobe cream to moisturise.

2. Mac prep n prime in shade light boost to highlight the face.

3. Use very little concealer, Maybelline’s fit me concealer.

4. Mac face and body foundation.

5. Set it with the Maybelline fit me powder.

The Goth Look With 90s Grunge Vibe

6. Use the Mac bronzer to contour and warm up the skin.

7. fill in the brows using the brow palette by Maybelline.

8. Use a light brown shadow first to create the shape, slowly move on to a darker brown to define it.

9. Use the lipstick Kat Von d in shade damned.

10. Add a black gel liner to create a wing on the eyes and you’re done!

Source: MissMalini.com