9 People Reveal Their Thoughts On Wife Swapping In India


A girl on Quora asked a question about wife swapping in India and people had very interesting answers to give. Here’s what was asked –

And here are some interesting answers –

1) Sanjary Srivastava was vehemently against it –

Well, a simple and succinct answer would be a big NO.

NO it’s not common in India.

NO this is can’t be termed as being broad minded.

And the very fact that you needed to ask someone about doing this signals that this is wrong, even as per your standards of life and morality. Right things never invite second thoughts. At least not about whether they are right or not.

Well, I could have tried putting up a diplomatic answer after describing all the aspects and then leaving everything up to you. But I decided that I would honestly advice you over this- like I would advice my bestie had she asked the same question.

Trust me, I would be the last person to judge people over their sexual desires, fantasies or preferences but you need to know exactly when to draw a line between freedom and stupidity.

2) Kundan Kumar wrote about some legend he heard of –

It’s not common in the most part of the world. But, it does exist. In India, it exists to minimum possible value above zero.

Long back I heard a legend that people used to get prostitutes with them and pretend as couples. Sometimes, both parties used to have prostitutes with them and they end up swapping them instead of wives. Needless to say, those prostitutes used to charge double money from them.

3) Rahul Kumawat was all about one’s personal choice –

What’s your definition of common?

The percentage is increasing at a rapid pace.

Are you only considering married couple or unmarried as well?

Whether is common or not, its personal choice.

If you and your partner finds it exciting, comfortable and right, go for it. its moreover personal intention and choice. many well organised clubs or small groups are working on this concept.

Happy life.

4) This anonymous person decided his/her answer was controversial –

The people who have commented below have reasoned of “CULTURE”.Guys you need to study history to understand little bit of our culture. If you cannot read history, at least read mythology like Mahabharata and Ramayana.

In Hindu tradition, swapping the wife is also known by “NIYOGA” ,”POLYANDRY”(for definition see sources)

Now,there are DARDS in Ladakh where wife swapping tradition is prevalent.”Till 1970, groups of women and men from the tribe would queue up in lines and kiss each other openly without any consideration for marital partnerships,”

Secondly,The answer to your question whether it is common, depends on the person whom you are asking the question.

1.Ultra rich people have this thing which is pretty common.

2.Those who think they are rich but are absolutely not: These are the “contended majority”whose material affluence tends them to socially reactionary.

3.There is a subaltern class ,but there is no such thing called as non-fragmented belief system here.

Now on the morality of Wife swapping:it is a personal question,if all gave consent,no one,not even law can punish you.

5) Mohnish Kumar basically said it’s your life, your rules –

You aren’t married, since you mentioned your boyfriend, so it isn’t exactly ‘wife’ swapping. And married or not, people who go for it are called ‘swingers’. If all the parties are fine with it, why do you care about what society thinks? Society looks down on pre-marital sex too you know… Morality is defined by the acceptable social values of the time. Not too long ago it was moral to get married to a 14 yr old, and for her to have kids when she was 16. Better this than cheat on someone. At least there is no breach of trust here.

6) Asha Choubey was not very happy with this rising trend –

Sadly, it is becoming increasingly common in India. I would not go into the moral aspects, because morality may be defined in many different ways. However, I don’t endorse this practise, because the wife becomes a commodity here, which one may share. Also, it is not based on attraction as much as the craving for newness.

In most of the cases I have seen it is the man who decides who they want to swap with, or sometimes there is a draw of lots. Shameful.

If both partners are willing, they may go ahead, but call it couple swapping please.

7) Arpit Gupta spoke about feminism –

According to me “wife swapping” concept is totally wrong for our society.

Why wife swapping???

You want to swap you wife just because you want to have sex with someone’s wife???

Women are not sex object, they have equal rights, they are equal to men. It is very immoral.

8) Another anonymous person spoke about our socio-economic conditions –

To answer first part, No! Wife swapping is not (yet) common in India, even though many bachelor and married boys (and girls) might be dreaming of such fantasies. But due to the fear of society, family and legal issues, such views are not even shared with their spouses, leave alone with others with whom to share wife/husband. So, it is not common even though it might be happening of course but is very limited and rare.

Now, talking of morality. Morals are nothing but a set of rules that have been set by our society to define our actions as correct or incorrect. What is immoral in one region/country may be perfectly acceptable and hence moral in another country. So, in my personal view, if all the concerned partners involved in the act are agreeable and willingly doing such an act, there shall not be any harm in it. Yes, at present it may be considered immoral in India, but if you have to decide don’t think about morality. What is more important is that is the wife willing to do so, and what are possible consequences of such an act. Can you trust the other partners with whom swap will be done. So, if answer to all these questions is positive, then go ahead and enjoy your life. Life is short, my friend; so live it on your rules and not by rules of others.

9) And finally, Dachi Raju brought freedom of expression into this –

Well India as nothing to do with it, It is the people in our country and there mind set which have become victims to these foolish western culture and think themselves advanced in many aspects, But they don’t realize that, they are killing there own spiritual heritage of our country and falling prey to western culture. It is an shame that freedom of expression is been used in a immoral way.

What are your thoughts?

By: Shreemi Verma