Box Office Q & A: Will Saif Ali Khan Score Well With Phantom?


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Box Office – QOTD – Will Saif Ali Khan score well with Phantom? [Ankur – Udaipur]

Yes, he should. He has realized that audiences want to see him doing something different instead of being trapped in the image of playing a rich lover boy in every movie. He is picking up films which belong to different genres and fortunately for him, he had signed Phantom even before Happy Ending. The film benefits from four major factors.

First and foremost it is a dramatic action thriller, a genre that he hasn’t touched for quite some time. The audience has reacted favourably to this genre in a big way, case in point being Baby,Fast & Furious 7, Avengers – Age of Ultron and now Gabbar Is Back. Phantom is releasing at the right time. Secondly, the director at the helm of affairs is Kabir Khan who knows how to narrate a topical tale, movies like New York and Kabul Express are testament to that. Phantom is just up his alley. Thirdly, the film has Katrina Kaif as the heroine, who has had a successful collaboration with Kabir (New York, Ek Tha Tiger).

Most importantly, the film has been priced quite well. With a budget of just around 40-42 crore, producer Sajid Nadiadwala has made sure that the costs have been under control. Known for making his films on a good scale, Sajid has apparently got his resources perfectly matched to make Phantom a safe bet. With this movie, Saif could reach the classes as well as the masses, something he’s been struggling to do.

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