Everything You Need To Know About Sonam Kapoor’s New App!


I can say it time and time again if I have to, Sonam Kapoor is one exceptionally beautiful woman. I mean, there’s nothing more one can say when Sonam sits right next to you in a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana gown looking like a summery Princess.  Well, actually scratch that. There was something to say, actually lots to say because this beauty just launch her very own app!

Sonam knows we love ALL her outfits and looks, her makeup and hairstyles, her travels, her fierce magazine covers and so on… So, she decided to give us a little peek into her actual world. The ‘unfiltered’ and the real Sonam behind closed doors! Now how amazing is that?!

Basically through this app you get to see every inch of Sonam; her family, friends a.k.a  herTribe, her killer holiday destinations, a complete behind the scenes of what goes on before a red carpet event and so much more! There’s even a ‘Sonam Live’ option so you can watch her live anytime. And speaking of live, watch Team MissMalini‘s Facebook Live chat with Sonam last evening to know everything…

What I took away from this is only one thing – To be as confident as Sonam Kapoor is. Because of course, that’s an ever lasting style tip 😉