Karishma Tanna Opens Up About Dealing With The Casting Couch


Karishma Tanna is kicking ass in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and slowly but surely, she’s becoming a favourite. She has also been forthright about her struggles with depression as she felt she didn’t get what she deserved from the industry. Elaborating on this and her experiences with the infamous casting couch in an interview with Times Of India, Karishma revealed how she’s never been approached for such things directly –

I have not faced the proper casting couch like ‘come sleep with me kind of thing’. If people have hinted also I have not given that hint back. May be things would have been different, if I would have. But I never believed in that, if I have the talent and face then the director will take me in the film. Forget about the director even if you are speaking to someone, people flirt and give hints and it’s up to you how you want to take it forward. I never encouraged that kind of things probably that’s why I am still here.

It’s sad that stuff like this exists, isn’t it?