Manish Arora Breaks Paris Fashion Week With His Fantastical Show!


Manish Arora‘s creativity knows no bounds. If Paris Fashion Week is touted as the unofficial trendsetter of the big 4, then Manish is undoubtedly one of the reasons why. His mastery in garment construction and his colourful, alternative style make him the undisputed King of couture in India.

His Ready-To-Wear collection for Fall Winter 2016 showcased in Paris last evening was no different. Vibrant, whimsical and so much fun, the models carried the clothes of with the flair that was needed. Titled ‘Hell’s Belles’, this collection was an amalgamation of many things. It started as a move away from the bling of his previous collection to a more matte feel. The inspiration behind it was the American crime drama Twin Peaks from 1990, and Haribo gummy bears (just in sync with his quirky nature!) There was also influences from Africa and the Burning Man festival that Manish attends every year.

Manish Arora backstage (Source: Manish Arora Fashion Instagram)

Manish Arora backstage (Source: Manish Arora Fashion Instagram)

Printed skirts with embroidery, denim, shawls and blankets made of African wax-print fabrics, and lots of thread and bead work featured throughout the collection. True to form, he picked funky accessories, including a purple Pomeranian, if you can believe it! Aside from the Native American feel, another element that is signature America is the use of cowboy boots, but obviously with a fuchsia-coloured, furry embellished twists, of course!