Phillauri box office set day 2: Anushka Sharma movie anticipated over weekend to see increase


Phillauri box office collection day 2: Anushka Sharma’s second home production film collected Rs 4.02 crore on its first day. The film did particularly well in north India and Punjab.

Anushka Sharma’s second home production Phillauri gathered Rs 4.02 crore on its first day. The film did especially well in north India and Punjab. India biz… Needs SOLID numbers on Sat Sun to register STRONG wknd total.” Trade pundits are expecting the film showing growth over the weekend. A positive word of mouth may also help the film.

North India has contributed 52 percent of the absolute Phillauri groups. Punjab groups are as high as, for how large A-list Bollywood stars collect in this state, which will be outstanding, a statement released by Fox Studios India said. The price of Phillauri makes it a lucrative venture. The film has already regained Rs 12 crore from music and satellite rights and was made in a cost of Rs 21 crore. With only Rs 9 crore which was left to recover for the film before its release, its profitableness is merely bolstered by this beginning of Phillauri.

Meanwhile, Phillauri manager Anshai Lal says that having a large star in the movie helps to reach a bigger audience. I’m in a way confident about the destiny of the film, “As Anushka is a part of the movie. If you have an A-list celebrity things become more easy in terms of reach. It’s a blessing to be working with one of these gifted performers. Actors respect it and then things just flow, when you’re confident about the script. They have the expertise to elevate the material to a different degree. I t is more easy to convey you don’t need to break stereotypes, if you have a new casting as it doesn’t possess the luggage of an actor doing specific kind of parts,”Anshai told PTI.