Recipe of the Day: Phan Sib Sai Poo (Crab Dumplings)


Element for Crab meat:

Coriander root 5 g

Garlic 5 g

Red onion 20 g

Soya sauce 20 ml

Sugar white 15 g

Sweet potato 20 g

Crab meat large 40 g

Oil 20 ml

White paper powder 2 g

Elements for Dough:

Rice flour 50 g

Arrowroot flour 25 g

Corn flour 10 g

Custard flour 10 g

Coconut drain 25 ml

Water 50 ml

Elements for Sweet Soya Sauce:

White vinegar 25 ml

Sugar white 15 g

Salt 4 g

Sweet soya sauce 15 ml

Cooking Method:

– To set up the crab meat filling, broil the garlic, coriander root and onion in oil and after that include the sweet potato.

– Fry until cooked through.

– Next marinate the crab meat in a blend of soya sauce, sugar, salt and pepper before searing at a low warmth for 5 minutes. Once cooked through, season with salt and pepper.

– Following that, make the batter for the dumplings by combining all the distinctive flours in a blending dish, and afterward include the water and coconut drain. Combine completely utilizing your hands, bit by bit including water and plying until the point that the mixture is delicate and legitimately blended.

– Next, make the sweet soya sauce by blending every one of the fixings in one container and bubble on low warmth, until the point when the sauce has achieved the coveted consistency. Abandon it to cool.

– Finally, to make the dumplings: reveal the batter, put the crab meat to finish everything and wrap it up, squeeze the mixture at the best to make a bundle like conclusion. Roll the batter into balls. Straighten the ball into circles and gather up 1 teaspoon of the filling to put at the inside. Overlap the mixture over to make a half circle and pleat the edges. Place this on an oiled banana leaf and steam it for 5-8 minutes. In conclusion, decorate it with fricasseed onion, coriander and red stew, and include the sweet bean stew soya sauce before serving.