This TV Actress Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Because He Didn’t Like The Way She Dressed


Television performing artist Sreejita De, who is at present observed in Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai, is an outstanding face. In a meeting with TOI, she opened up about her past, which incorporated her IT build sweetheart. She talked about how they were contradictory and he had a great deal of issues with the way she dressed and her decision of vocation. Here’s a passage.

When I began dating him, I didn’t realize that I’ll need to change myself totally to win his affection. He as well, felt that once I go gaga for him, I will be precisely the way he needs me to be. He had issues with my calling and even changed the way I dressed. He needed customary reports on what I am doing on the sets and my identity investing energy with. I likewise must be at home more often than not on account of he loathed going out for gatherings or getting a charge out of a night out. For me, my own space is critical and I wasn’t happy with his conduct.

She additionally included that she soon understood that his degree and fat pay check couldn’t make her glad nor would it be able to change the individual he was. She would not like to and couldn’t carry on with her life on another person’s terms. It was then that she settled on the decision to part ways with him and proceed onward.

Great on you, Sreejia. Good luck with that!