Will Emraan Hashmi & Vidya Balan Strike Back With Hamari Adhuri Kahani?


Box Office – QOTD – Will Emraan and Vidya strike back with Hamari Adhuri Kahani? [Kavita – Kunnur]

There is a good possibility of that, since they are working with a team that is promising indeed.Mohit Suri has a knack of telling sensitive tales and since Mahesh Bhatt has written the film, the combination is pretty deadly. Moreover, one needs to acknowledge the fact that as actors, neither Emraan nor Vidya has been delivering a bad performance even in their unsuccessful films. Either the films as a whole have not worked or audiences have just not been interested in checking them out. The bigger problem is when an actor is rejected for a film and thankfully, neither Emraan nor Vidya has faced that challenge yet.

Of course, a successful film behind an actor certainly facilitates a better opening. In that perspective, both the actors would have to wait for the word of mouth to kick in, and that too from the actual ‘junta‘ as this is what matters more than celebrity testimonials. All said and done, if the content indeed strikes a chord with the audience, especially women-folk, a tearjerker likeHamari Adhuri Kahani can enjoy a sustained run.

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