Wow! Here’s What Priyanka Chopra is Doing on Her Birthday Vacation


Priyanka Chopra is known for her skill of accomplishing something strange now and then. While the entire of B-town was glamming it up at IIFA, PeeCee made a beeline for Mumbai so she could take care of family responsibilities, following which she fly setted off on her family vacay, to commend her birthday!

Much the same as whatever is left of her life, looks of her excursion have abandoned us in wonderment as well! Piggy Chops brought off with her mom and sibling to an obscure goal and has been refreshing her Instagram account with some stunning pictures from that point forward! Investigate!

Prepared, jetset, go! Priyanka shared an adorable selfie with her family before they took off!


Ever required confirmation of where the Chopra family invests the vast majority of their energy? The appropriate response lies in this heap of international IDs (which have a place with just 3 individuals)

As though we weren’t at that point sufficiently charmed about the divas whereabouts, she posted this strange picture of herself on the shoreline with a lovely supper setting out of sight! Real get-away feels really taking shape!

The occasion shine all over is obvious, would it say it isn’t?

We’re enamored with Priyanka’s vacation clothing! The monochrome striped outfit, with the dark straw cap characterizes vacay style! Wouldn’t you say?

The Bollywood diva is by all accounts taking advantage of her family occasion, giving everybody some significant birthday motivation. Priyanka commends her 35th tomorrow (July 18), and we can hardly wait to discover what the diva has anticipated her uncommon day!