How to Acquire the’No More Make up’ make-up look Just like Kareena Kapoor

Every girl dreams of having a skin that is flawless and glowing. If you are not blessed with great skin you can always rely on some makeup. If you want to find that fresh-faced appearance minus any flaws a great makeup base is crucial. The solution to apply foundation and concealer can produce a lot of difference and force you to look good.

If as natural as you can and you want to keep your makeup light, like Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor, then we now have got the perfect tips for you. Here is our make-up manual on how to achieve that natural and flawless skin:

  1. If you want luminous skin, then you definitely will need to moisturize. Skipping the cream is able to make that person dry, which will produce the make-up patchy. When you have dry skin, use a moisturizer and tap on tender areas. For those, that have oily skin, should use gel-based cream which will continue to keep you hydrated. Make sure to let your moisturizer to settle for some time, so the skin remains still plump.
  2. Now you have implemented the moisturiser, use a great primer to set your make up. A suggestion may assist you to hold on the make up for a longer period and make it blend.
  3. For ordinary must use the concealer first. Then a concealer can do just fine if irregular skin tone can be your trouble. Apply it and combine. This will help to lift the area and make your skin look more alive. Also, use the concealer where you have the requirement and nose. For dark spots and pigmentation, then you need to work with a colour-corrector before this concealer.
  4. Now that you have concealed, you want to work with a foundation. Work with a color that matches the skin exactly. Work with a brush and apply dots of foundation all over your face and the neck. Now, make use of a beauty blender to combine. The colour in your own face needs to complement with your own neck.
  5. Are you aware that the concealer and the foundation could make you light? To generate the skin look healthier, use a hint of blush on your lips. Pick a shape which suits the skin tone and gently dust onto your lips. As per the pros, a bit of blush on the nose, eyebrow and chin will not create the cheeks stick out.
  6. Simply to add a bit of colour to your lips, use a tinted lipbalm in a natural colour. This is going to make that person seem fresh and lively!
  7. To get your eyes appear alert and available, work with a naked eyeliner on the inner rims. And, for the lashes, only work with a volumising lash, so your eyes don’t look tired.