I am happy with a single status ‘Aditya Roy Kapur’

Actor Aditya Roy Kapur is not dating anybody at present, also he’s happy with his dating status. Aditya opened up about his private life in an interview.

When the host asked him his coworkers Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra called him a liar if he put an Insta-gram post saying”only”, Aditya said:”Which can be exactly what I cannot know. Which is the reason I need to take this up with Arjun and Pari.”

Source IG: @adityaroykapur

“They’re saying I’m a lair. Am I a liar? I am happy and single,” he added.

The sponsor said,”so that you’re only… I thought you’re dating Diva Dhawan”. I messaged Arjun… We message one another for arbitrary stuff. So I said what’s the spectacle… He is still calling me a liar and I’m like,’Can I not know who I’m in a romantic relationship together with’.”

Why are you single?

“I really don’t have a concrete answer for this .”

Wondering if he’s received a one night stand, Aditya said:”Oh, interesting questions”, then confessed it with a head gesture.

Could you call a good kisser?

“I would love to believe so… There have been no complaints”.

It’s led by Abhishek Varman, also is supposed to release on April 17.