India-Pakistan Champions Trophy Face Off: Comedy Meets Cricket


The subcontinent is viewing. Sunday June 4, 2017 is a major day for cricket fans. India and Pakistan go head to head at Edgbaston, England for the ICC Champions Trophy and it’s no not as much as war for stalwart cricket aficionados. While a lot of India, Pakistan and the UAE are probably going to grind to a halt even before the principal ball is knocked down some pins, the fight has as of now started on another pitch. Indian comic Adnan Nalwala and Pakistani YouTube sensation Ali Sufian have chosen who the victor is – the person who wins the contention in the family room!

‘No Chill Neighbors’ is a fun video by this gifted couple that catches the substance of each Indo-Pak cricket discuss. It starts with Adnan prodding Ali with a couple wearing history lessons on the events when India humiliatingly whipped Pakistan in cricket – for the most part in the World Cup and T20s. Irritated, Ali endures peacefully. Be that as it may, when it turns out to be ridiculously hot (his mind’s bomb detonates), he meets the challenge at hand. He reminds Adnan, not all that obligingly, on who has the high ground in tests where expertise and persistence truly matters. In addition, he uncovers the information that most Indians would rather overlook. Like when Javed Miandad hit them for a six in the life-changing Sharjah Cup. The video then slides into immaculate craziness, with cries of ‘chhakka’ noticeable all around. Ouch!

Keep those details prepared when you tune in tomorrow to watch the epic fight between the chief adversaries. What’s more, meanwhile snicker your hearts out at the tricks of our most loved funnies.