Shruti Marathe open mouth about her casting couch experience

Shruti Marathe is one of the popular leading actresses of Marathi cinemas. She tells her story when she started her journey in the industry.

Shruti Marathe says it hasn’t been an easy task to start, she expressed her anger & concerns for the women exploitation in the industry. She tells about her horrid experience in the industry, she said, ” once I met a producer who would offer me a lead role in a Marathi film. At first, his attitude was normal and professional, but soon I realize he starts using the words, “Compromise” I could not take it easy so I asked him, Ïf you want me to sex with you, Who would have sex with you to make a hero? “He was shocked to hear me”

Shruti told this story to others, who advised her to quit the film. She challenged the producer not only for herself but also for every woman who is been personify and judged for being who she is. Shruti also revealed this incident with other producers who also were a part of the same film. She was very happy when the producer was beaten from the film.

Shruti Marathe’s latest release “Shubh Lagna Sawadhan” perform well at the box office. She played a lead role opposite to Subodh Bhave. The film was based on the institute of unmarried couple and marriage.