Too hot? Try a coconut milk bath to cool away

It’s getting warmer when you read this. And top on the mind is skin packs that are exotic and aloe vera gels, to combat with the weather. But there is still another means to cool down the skin, that’s inexpensive and effective. It’s a coconut milk bath, made from milk and coconut water. After a long week, this really is going to be exactly the thing to melt stress and break fatigue.

DIY Athome
Here is an easy bath which you could take to in your home. To ready the coconut milk soak, add some honey and coconut milk. Honey makes for serum and moisturizer. Add a few drops of lavender or rose oil because of the mood uplifts. Mix and add to the bucket and you’re set! It is also possible to add your tub and half a cup of oatmeal.

For another luxe soak, add a cup of lavender salts. The additives have minerals, they infuse the human body with aid and hydration relaxation. Coconut milk is anti-inflammatory. It has vitamins C, E and B6, iron in addition to magnesium.