Why women lose weight slower than men : Weight Loss

Most individuals today believe men have an advantage in regards to weight loss. With following the diet and workout routine, men tend to eliminate weight compared to women. But is this true or only inside our minds. Let us discover?

The Poll
Yes, it is correct that men eliminate weight faster as compared to women as a result of several factors. According to a new study, women are more obsessed with food when compared with men. It was found that about 25 percent of women on a weight loss diet think about food per half-hour. The other rationale is that food is mentally related to women, while men don’t.

Still another study published in the novel Conquering Stroke Heart Attack & by the investigators retained yummy foods in front of men and women who had not eaten for each day, then asked them to fight with their own appetite.

It was found that the brains of men reacted less actively in terms of memory regulation, and motivation as compared to women. For these, it was easy to control their cravings for his or her favourite food. Additionally, men have faster metabolisms. The ordinary fat burning capacity of a person is 5 to 10 percent greater than that of a woman at the same weight and height. That is because they’ve significantly more lean muscle compared to women that help them to burn more calories.

The lesson
It is suggested to avoid emotional eating when attempting to eliminate weight. Just like if you had a bad day, don’t have your food to cheer yourself up, this will hinder your weight loss plan.